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Monthly Archives: June 2020


Returning to Work After Collecting Workers’ Comp Benefits

By Figured Law Firm |

Sustaining an injury while on the job can take an enormous physical and emotional toll on injured employees, many of whom have questions about transitioning back into the workforce after collecting benefits. Grappling with these types of issues can be complicated, so if you were recently hurt at work and have questions about your… Read More »

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COVID-19 Scenarios and Potential Benefits

By Figured Law Firm |

There are a number of scenarios in which a Pennsylvania employee might find him or herself if exposed to COVID-19 in the workplace. While much of how the state will handle these types of claims is still unclear, there are a few scenarios that employees can keep in mind during this time. We’ve included… Read More »

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Governor Wolf Suspends Portions of the Workers’ Compensation Act

By Figured Law Firm |

Last month, as part of a greater effort to reduce the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the state’s workers’ compensation system, Governor Wolf suspended the notarization requirement for employers who suspend or modify an employee’s benefits. For help determining how these changes could affect your own work injury claim, please contact an experienced… Read More »

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Will the COVID-19 Emergency Affect My Car Accident Case?

By Figured Law Firm |

While there may be fewer cars on the road than usual in Pennsylvania, many of us are still required to drive, whether to the grocery store, to an essential job, or for emergencies. This means that although car accident rates may be lower, getting into a car accident is still possible. The COVID-19 pandemic… Read More »

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