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Monthly Archives: April 2022


What Are Work Restrictions?

By Figured Law Firm |

For many workers who sustain on-the-job injuries, returning to work is a top priority. Doing so immediately, however, is not always possible and it could be months or even years before a person is considered fully healed. It is, however, possible to go back to work, in a limited capacity, while still receiving some… Read More »

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The Causes Of Most Manufacturing Injuries

By Figured Law Firm |

Pennsylvania law guarantees certain benefits to workers who are hurt on the job. These benefits provide coverage for injury-related medical bills, as well as compensation for lost wages. It is critical for Pennsylvania employees to be well-versed in the kinds of benefits for which they could be eligible. This is especially true for those… Read More »

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Are Volunteers Entitled To Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Pennsylvania?

By Figured Law Firm |

Taking any job means assuming at least some degree of risk. Fortunately, Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system provides a critical safety net for employees who are injured on the job, whether they are injured in an accident or suffer an injury caused by repetitive use. This system compensates injured workers for their medical bills, a… Read More »

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Treatment Options For Work-Related Repetitive Stress Injuries

By Figured Law Firm |

Repetitive stress injuries are much more common amongst Pennsylvania workers than most people know. Although they are sustained in a wide range of scenarios and industries, they are all the result of the overworking of certain body parts, like the hands, shoulders, and back. Repetitive stress injuries are not only painful, but can also… Read More »

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