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Monthly Archives: March 2022


Workers’ Compensation For Remote Workers

By Figured Law Firm |

Working remotely has become easier than ever for many employees. While this may be preferable to getting stuck in traffic, or going into the office everyday, it does leave many people wondering where they stand when it comes to workers’ compensation. Fortunately, it is possible for remote workers to obtain compensation for on-the-job injuries,… Read More »

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Avoid These Common Workers’ Comp Mistakes

By Figured Law Firm |

Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system provides an important safety net for employees who are hurt on the job. As a no-fault program, workers’ compensation helps injured employees collect medical and wage replacement benefits while they recover, without having to prove that someone was to blame for the injury. While many would think that this means… Read More »

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Watch Out For These Winter Work Injuries

By Figured Law Firm |

The onset of winter can create serious hazards for anyone who works outdoors. Snow, ice, and cold temperatures can, for instance, increase the risk of a workplace accident, like slipping and falling, but they can also place employees in danger of suffering from injuries like frostbite or hypothermia. While even an office worker could… Read More »

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Does Workers’ Comp Cover Violence-Related Injuries?

By Figured Law Firm |

Workers’ compensation insurance providers no-fault coverage for workplace injuries and medical conditions. This coverage applies in a wide range of scenarios, from traffic accidents to injuries caused by heavy equipment. Even conditions caused by overuse, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, can fall under this category, despite the fact that an employee may not be… Read More »

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